Our Story & Commitment

In service of celebrating childhood

Who we are

Mashal is a for-impact non-profit organization registered with the Private Institutions Educational Regulatory Authority (PIERA).

At present, we cater for 910 students aged between 3-21 years of age, attending grades between pre-school to matriculation. The student body comprises of 520 boys and 490 girls coming from the Bari Imam locality.

The school largely consists of underprivileged children from neighboring areas, a majority of whom have never been to school before. These children are facing hardships at home, as well as at work, when selling items such as flowers, shopping bags, sweets as well as washing cars on the streets of the Bari Imam area. They have little choice, but to survive on their own in the company of gangs and criminal enterprises on the streets. They are vulnerable to abuse and exploitations of all forms.

Despite most of the children’s traumatic past experiences, through the assistance of Mashal School, they are able to overcome their inhibitions and eventually develop a sense of trust and dignity which allows them to finally live their lives as children and possess a deserved sense of belonging.

The Mashal School Philosophy

The meaning of education in the modern world has embraced wider concepts than only gaining literacy and knowledge skills.

Effective literacy is intrinsically purposeful, flexible and dynamic and continues to develop throughout in the individual’s lifetime. Facets of literacy in the present times are termed as social literacy that is the most important aspect and core of our children’s curriculum.

The core values of our curriculum are peace, tolerance and change. Throughout students’ lives, regardless of where they live, they will face the change; social, political, environmental, as well as in science and technology.

Motivation, learning and dealing with the changing circumstances in a world of conflict, there is dire need for a step-by-step program which builds the foundation of attitudes, knowledge and skills that are vital to meet the challenges expected from life in the 21st century.

Our Impact


students presently enrolled


community members, mostly disadvantaged women, have received skills-based training in the domains/professions above

Most of these trainees are now economically self-reliant


women from the community were trained and employed


students have been mainstreamed


passing result for AY 2017-18. (Behavioral change in the community inclination towards early education.

A message from our Founder & Director

"Here at Mashal School, we have a holistic view to educating the out-of-school-children, children of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDP's) and street children in urban slum areas.

Respect and dignity are the core values of our work. This is achieved by respecting the present developmental stage of each child and planning activities to ensure the child's successful experience. The ability to individualize involves knowledge about the health, physical and emotional growth, social interactions, cognition, strength and weaknesses.

This in return gives rise to competence and self-esteem which enables them to face challenges of life at every stage of their lives and become responsible human beings and democratic citizens of Pakistan."

Zeba Hussain

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